Our Mission

Photo Apr 02, 2 06 31 PMOur Mission: Our mission is to find the cure for Rett Syndrome.

The Samantha Corpus Foundation’s beliefs and purposes are:
The belief that the cure for Rett Syndrome is within ten years.
The belief that the treatments for symptoms of Rett Syndrome are achievable much sooner.
To support, fund, and accelerate research for the treatment and cure for Rett Syndrome.
To increase public awareness of Rett Syndrome.

ABOUT RETT SYNDROME: Rett Syndrome is a debilitating neurological disorder diagnosed almost exclusively in females. Children with Rett Syndrome appear to develop normally until 6 to 18 months of age when they enter a period of regression, losing speech and motor skills. Most develop repetitive hand movements, irregular breathing patterns, seizures and extreme motor control problems. Rett leaves its victims profoundly disabled, requiring maximum assistance with every aspect of daily living. Though Rett Syndrome may affect males, few are known to survive pregnancy. There is no known cure. Our best hope is through research to understand and develop an effective therapy to find the cure.

OUR GOAL: Raise money to increase public awareness of Rett Syndrome, fund research for treatment and, ultimately, a cure.

Photo Apr 02, 2 01 34 PMOUR BACKGROUND:

Samantha was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at age 3 ½. While most children at that age are learning their colors and shapes, Samantha was seeing medical professionals all over the country to seek the best care.  Samantha is considered a high functioning young woman on the Rett Syndrome spectrum and continues to thankfully be seizure free.  Though Samantha cannot speak, she is still very attentive to everything and everyone around her.  Samantha has the hallmark repetitive hand wringing, which has become better over time.  Samantha is now 21 years old and lives with her parents John and Kathy, and her brothers Julian (23) and Jacob (18), in Alamo, CA.

Those who know Samantha are inspired by her innate fighting spirit! She is an active and very social young woman who loves to play basketball and attend therapy horse riding lessons. Samantha receives physical, occupational and speech therapy through her school and participates in music therapy, dance therapy! Everyone can attest that Samantha has an infectious smile that will light up a room!

Samantha is a remarkable, inspiring young lady that brings all of us together every year to help raise awareness! She may not be able to speak, but her actions will tell you, she is fighting this cause with us!  TOGETHER WE will make a difference!

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